Soul:food is a group of people that seeks God together as best we can with what we have.

We meet weekly in term time, on a Thursday, where we are mostly women with children at local schools (and younger ones who come too) with a wide spectrum of experiences of prayer and church from ‘not a lot’ to ‘soooo much’. We eat (a familiar theme with us) and have a short time of prayer together, which we try and make accessible for everyone. It’s a lovely way to start our day.

We also meet monthly on a Sunday afternoon to eat together, plan an activity that will help transform our neighbourhood, which has its moments, and do a bit of gentle prayer too. Sunday afternoons involve a wide spectrum of ages.

For those with a methodical mind, you might want to know that we are run on Ignatian principles; a firm belief that God is active in all of us and those around us and that we practice ways of becoming attentive to God in our lives and our community. Food is also important. We have a blog which you can read here. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.